Il Volta

The event dedicated to cosplay photography

The Volta event exists thanks to the participation and collaboration of the municipalities of



Valeggio sul Mincio

What is the Volta?

The Volta is not a convention.
Volta is an event dedicated to cosplay photography!

Volta, the event born in 2017 from Marco Tramonte’s idea and desire to highlight excellence in cosplay, photographers and cosplayers, returns again this year for its sixth edition.

At the disposal of the protagonists of the event, as every year, suggestive exclusive locations made available by the municipality of Volta Mantovana, and neighboring municipalities.

The Volta with its event exists thanks to the participation and collaboration of the municipalities of Volta Mantovana, Cavriana and Valeggio sul Mincio.

Volta is not only cosplay and cosplay photography: it is much more!
Three days to have fun, socialize with other Italian and foreign fans in a peaceful, serene and cooperative environment.

By now Volta can be considered to all intents and purposes an international event: every year more and more photographers and cosplayers from Europe and beyond apply to participate in this event that is increasingly recognized worldwide.

The organization can only maintain a small number of participants so that everyone can fully enjoy the event.

Always in Update

New things will always be there and with each edition of the Volta!
Especially at the level of places to shoot, new and increasingly heterogeneous Locations will continue to be found.

New projects there are and always will be, the research and enrichment of the event is the primary priority, in addition to the fun of the participants. The Volta was born as a photography event to entertain people and create a unique atmosphere for the participants.

The selected ones are offered a lot of entertainment and an excellent photographic result, a consonant environment with spaces dedicated to cosplay photography, to set it at its best thanks to the presence of unique locations! From beautiful and elegant villas, to now disused abandoned factories. The municipalities are in turn offered our gratitude, our cheerfulness, and even our social content.

There is also a service offered by the organization regarding the participants’ accommodations, where we recommend the best hotels, B&Bs or places to stay for the duration of the event.