Il Volta

The photographic event dedicated to cosplay

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The Volta event exists thanks to the participation and collaboration of the municipalities of
Volta Mantovana, Cavriana, Ponti sul Mincio e Monzambano.

What is the Volta?

The Volta is not a convention. Volta is an event dedicated to cosplay photography!

Volta, the event born in 2017 from Marco Tramonte’s idea and desire to highlight the excellence of photographers and cosplayers, returns again this year for its 7th edition.

The vault exists thanks to the participation and collaboration of the municipalities of Volta Mantovana, Cavriana, Ponti sul Mincio and Monzambano, which make available, for the duration of the event, exclusive and evocative locations where participants can unleash their imagination and creativity by creating unique works.

Volta is not only cosplay and photography: three days of creativity accompanied by moments of fun and sociability with passionate participants who now come from all over the world to collaborate and have fun in an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility.

Now in its seventh year, it can be said that The Volta has become, for all intents and purposes, a world-class event, and with each edition interest in this event grows more and more, for which the organization can only maintain a small number of participants so that everyone can enjoy it to the fullest.

Always updating

Our commitment: to improve and renew with each edition.

With each edition, we strive harder and harder to ensure that every piece of information, communication, and news is clear and reaches participants, onlookers and enthusiasts.

The nature of the event leads to each edition having something new, and that is the beauty of the Volta: it is impossible to get bored.

The availability of new and diverse locations at each edition where to shoot and unleash one’s creativity is among the priorities of Volta along with the fun and satisfaction of the participants: luxurious villas, abandoned factories, bochi, prairies, gardens. During the days of Volta it will be possible to unleash one’s creativity in one-of-a-kind spaces; that is precisely why the municipalities are offered our gratitude, our cheerfulness and also our social content.

The organization provides selected participants with contacts of a network of recommended accommodations, hotels and B&Bs, where they can stay for the duration of the event and enjoy to the fullest the unique experience that only the Volta can give and offer to all photographers, cosplayers and assistants.