Information regarding processing of personal data

According to art. 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016, we inform you that the personal data provided as part of your registration request for the Volta in Cosplay 2019 event, and also subsequently, will be processed in compliance with  that Regulation and any other applicable legislation


Data Controller of processing of personal data 

Data Controller and protection officer   is  Marco Tramonte street Gardesana 61 Bussolengo 37012 VR  which can be contacted : , E-mail: [email protected]



Data Controller, in particular, collect and further process your personal data in the context of the organization of the specific event and, therefore, for the purpose of:

  • carry out the activities necessary to allow the registration and participation of persons in the event;
  • send communications and information regarding the event itself (eg organizational aspects; documentation of the activities performed; information material, processing of specific requests forwarded by participants, etc.);
  • put the participants of the event in contact with each other
  • collect audio video recordings and photographic images taken during the selected event, for informative and informative purposes.
  • carry out market research or, in any case, surveys aimed at organizing the event;
  • promote or publicize the event
  • achieve the aims of the event, that is the realization of portrait photography

Furthermore, the data processing may concern, exclusively to allow the provision of meals, also data relating to the food habits of the person concerned and will be used by the Data Controller for the sole purpose of ensuring individual guests the use of the lunch, dinner and coffee break services offered during the event, according to a level of comfort and hospitality that is as close as possible to the needs and preferences expressed by each one.

The processing will then be carried out on the basis of your express consent, which may also provide for the part of the treatment and which may be revoked at any time, without prejudice to the lawfulness of the processing carried out until the time of revocation.



Data will be processed on electronic, paper and electronic media in compliance with the law aimed to guarantee  security and confidentiality, as well as the accuracy, updating and relevance with respect to the purposes.

Data will be inserted into the relevant databases which will be accessed by those specifically designated by the undersigned as the persons in charge of and in charge of processing personal data, according to the respective authorization profiles.

Your data may be forwarded as persons authorized to process personal data, in relation to the data necessary for the duties assigned to them, to the individual persons belonging to the following categories: external individual persons and employer of companies authorized by the Data Controller for  services supply (for example for audio video recordings, communication and marketing activities, catering companies, etc.), within the limits necessary for their duties at the event.

In addition, all the other participants in the event may know all your data

Data may be forwarded to such parties in compliance with obligations provided for by the law, by a regulation or by the community legislation.

Data that you spontaneously provide in note fields present in  specific registration forms, and any other data voluntarily provided by participant, will involve the acquisition by the Data Controller, and the consequent treatment accordingly  with what reported in this statement.

Furthermore, the data may be fowarded to third party companies operating in the ICT sector, partner of the Data Controller, and for advertising promotion, organization of the event to companies (including foreign non European companies) that manage Social Networks, through groups, pages, etc.

Considering the type of event, which is a photographic event based on portrait photography, you also authorize, with the acceptance of this information, wide use of your image taken by the other participants to the event authorizing them and the event organizers for possible publication on the Internet, on paper, for exposure to exhibitions, and events in general, also pursuant to Legislative Decree 633/1941 regarding image rights as well as detailed and defined in the photographic model release and in the event regulation

During the event, moreover, the Data Controller, through his own collaborators or through of authorized external persons or other participants in the event, could make audio and video recordings and captured photographic images including the participants in the event, in such a way as to making persons recognizable and identifiable as speakers, organizers and participants in any role.

All these images may be showed during the event and may be temporarily and occasionally showed for the documenting the activities carried out and also included with the showing of information reports  during activities of the event (eg occasional diffusion of articles, essays and other manifestations of thought also in artistic expression).

Images may be used as a whole or in individual parts and components, including through video editing, cuts and adaptations, without limitation, without prejudice to the use of the images themselves in contexts that may harm the dignity, reputation and personal decorum the person concerned and his relatives.

Then, Data Controller and other participant in the event may also use Images  during next events, publication on the web or in the press, brochures, transfer of images recorded on digital audio-video supports, etc.

Considering that some partners of the Data Controller are foreign subjects, some of which are not based in the European Union, you accept that data collected could be transferred, to holders with headquarters in non-European States with the consequence that they will not provide the same level of protection guaranteed in comparison of data processing within the European Union. Where you does not want his / her data to be transferred to countries outside the EU, he / she must deny the relative consent.



Provide personal data for  to participation in the event is optional; however, if you do not provide data, as it is strictly necessary for the organization of the activities connected to the event, may involve  Data Controller being unable to allow your participation to the event.

The provision of data relating to eating habits is optional, but if you do not provide this particular type of data will in no way affect the participation of the event, but may prevent the Data Controller from preparing the a service food compliant with the individual participant’s wishes. Where you do not like the Data Controller to process such data, you  may simply not communicating any information.



You have the right at any time, to enforce the rights provided by Chapter III of the EU Regulation. In particular, you have the right to obtain access and, in some cases , the correction, deletion and portability with another holder of the personal data processed, as well as having the right to request the limitation or to oppose the data processing.

Furthermore, you may revoke the consent given at any time, as well as address a claim to The Italian Data Protection Authority, following the instructions provided by the aforementioned authority by connecting to the website

As regards your rights, you may directly contact the Data Controller / Responsible for the protection of personal data.



The e-mail address and / or mobile phone number and messaging services provided by the Social Networks (i.e.Messenger)  may be used by Data Controller, without any charge to you, for sending communications regarding the event (eg notices, notifications etc.). At any time, by contacting the Data Controller, you may freely modify the e-mail address and / or the mobile number or revoke the service sending information relating the event.


Note: This is the translated version of the Italian version. In the event of any inconsistency or discrepancy between the Italian  version and any other language versions of this Information, the Italian language version shall prevail.